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Prison Advocacy

Prison Advocacy

At our core, PATH is a team of advocates from different backgrounds who are all driven by a passion to improve Canada's criminal justice system. Our work is guided by systemic advocacy and the idea that every decision made or action taken should be with the purpose of improving the system. In unique circumstances, we may assist with individual advocacy if capacity permits. 

Court Room

Disciplinary Hearings

We strive to make sure that everyone has access to legal representation for prison and jail disciplinary hearings. In the Federal system, disciplinary charges are separated into two categories: minor and serious. If charged with a serious offence, legal representation is allowed. If charged with a minor offence, legal representation is only allowed at the institution's discretion. We will provide representation for clients when is appropriate and will also offer consultations to assist clients with self-representation when legal representation is not allowed.

Legal Consultant

Parole Support

We will act as clients' support persons at parole hearings, advocate for parole and other forms of conditional release, and assist clients in preparing a release plan to ensure their successful transition into the community upon release. 

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