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about us

Working towards a just community.

Our Mission


Access to Justice

Provide access to justice to vulnerable and under-represented communities. 


 Social Change

Leverage the law to advance the rights of individuals and generate social change. 


Social Justice Ethic

Engage and inspire the legal community to adopt a social justice ethic.


Legal Education

Educate law students in social justice and prison law.

About PATH's Services

If a matter falls within the mandate of PATH, we can assist with bail release plans, parole board support, police complaints, human right complaints, habeas corpus applications, judicial review applications, restorative justice initiatives, correctional disciplinary hearings, civil claims, and more. In select circumstances, PATH will offer to collaborate with and support community partners and lawyers with client matters.

Should a matter fall outside the mandate of PATH, we will, when possible, refer clients to other resources in the community. 


In addition to services offered to clients, PATH holds a prominent presence in the legal community. You will often see our President and Co-Director, Emma Halpern, and other staff speaking at community events, doing media appearances, and mentoring law students and young lawyers.

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