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Month of Action

Over the next month, PATH Legal and the East Coast Prison Justice Society, supported by a coalition of health and prison justice organizations, will send to the government of Nova Scotia, and publish, four letters. Each letter will detail one problem, specified below, and provide solutions to the issues raised in these calls to action. 

Find our press release with the four calls to action here.

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On June 4, 2024, in response to the Month of Action, the Coalition sent a letter to the government which can be found here.

As pointed out in the letter linked to above, almost 350 communications of concern were sent to the government during this month of action marking four (now five) deaths in provincial correctional custody since January 2023.   

The Coalition hopes to discuss how we might work collaboratively with the government and across sectors and areas of influence to improve access to health and justice for the province's most marginalized.

On June 18, 2024, after receiving no response from the government, the Coalition sent a follow up letter to the government which can be found here.

On June 4, the date of the Coalition's first letter to the government, a sixth person died while in custody of Nova Scotia provincial jails - the 6th death in provincial jail custody, and the 5th death at Burnside Jail specifically, since January 2023.  This is an unprecedented number of deaths in our jails in a similar period.


The government convened a death review committee many months ago to study the first few of these deaths, but given the ongoing pattern of fatalities, and the lack of public information on what if any immediate actions are being taken to respond to this crisis and address the risk posed to the lives of some of Nova Scotia's most vulnerable, the letter linked to above asks, again, that the government prioritize a meeting with the Coalition in the short term.



Write to your MLA and demand change. For every week of action, we will have a template letter you can send to your MLA. Together, we can hold the Nova Scotian government accountable.

To find your MLA, visit Elections Nova Scotia's Who's My MLA tool online.

After you've found your MLA, visit the Nova Scotia Legislature's website to find their constituency address.

You can also send these letters to various Cabinet members, including:

Premier, the Honourable Tim Houston
2042-2 Queen Street
Westville, NS
B0K 2A0

Attorney General and Minister of Justice, the Honourable Brad Johns
Unit 103, 1710 Sackville Drive
Middle Sackville, NS
B4E 3A9

Minister of Health and Wellness, the Honourable Michelle Thompson
325 Main St.
Suite 222
Antigonish, NS
B2G 2C3

Minister of Community Services, the Honourable Brendan Maguire
349 Herring Cove Road. Suite C.
Halifax, NS
B3V 1R9

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