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Megan Ross

Megan joined PATH in January 2024 after relocating to Nova Scotia. Initially called to the bar in Alberta in 2010, she started her legal career practicing at a large firm. In 2012, she moved to New York and obtained a master’s in laws (LLM) from New York University’s Faculty of Law in International Human Rights Law while working as a legal consultant at the Department of Policy and Planning for UNICEF. She then moved to Toronto where she completed a Doctorate in Juridical Science (SJD) in 2020. Megan's research looked at how international human trafficking laws developed at the League of Nations and the surprising influence of American evangelical philanthropists. She has taught feminist and queer legal theory since 2016, at the University of Toronto’s Department of Women and Gender Studies and their Faculty of Law, at Emory University’s Department of Philosophy, and Dalhousie’s Political Science Department.

Megan volunteers her time in several activist communities including with sex workers and people experiencing criminalization. She has also been published in the Duke Journal of Gender, Law and Policy and the Journal of Race, Gender & Poverty, Southern Poverty Law Center.

Megan currently practices in prison law and civil rights litigation.

Megan Ross
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